Improving Employees’ Engagement and Communication: A Case Study of Professional Accounting Services (PAS) Chiangmai, Thailand

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Koravich Kharnijor


This research focused on engagement and the communication as most common factors that affect the people in an organization to be more productive. After a thorough analysis and consultation with the management team of PAS organization, the need for improvement for internal productivity exists. Therefore, OD interventions (ODI) were conducted to increase the level of employees’ engagement and communication between the management and the employees to improve productivity. A total of 3 ODI were conducted; team building activity, group sharing session, and Whole Brain Literacy (WBL) coaching. The results of the activities were all in the positive aspect. Both qualitative and qualitative data collected showed positive outcomes especially in the area of communication understanding and internal working productivity. The engagement, communication understanding, and productivity increased by 2.74%, 10.47%, 7.86%, respectively .

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