A Proposed ODI to Improve Motivation and Loyalty among Engineers: A Case Study of UNC Company

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Chanapa Fukbua
Maria Socorro C.L. Fernando


The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the current situation of UNC Company in terms of improving motivation and loyalty among engineers in an engineering department which had a high rate of turnover. On the basis of the initial assessment, the researcher identified, developed and proposed appropriate OD interventions to improve motivation and loyalty in the UNC Company. Using the action research model, this study at the diagnostic phase used survey questionnaire to collect quantitative data from 30 respondents who were engineers of UNC Company. A statistic program was used to analyze the results of the research by descriptive statistics, average weighted mean and multiple regression. Finding showed that Motivation and Loyalty were interconnected. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to improve intrinsic motivation, loyalty and include career management.

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