Why Getting the Economics Right is Not Enough for Development!


  • Noel Jones


The dominant Development Models used by Development Agencies have focused primarily on Development as an Economic Challenge. The three underlying premises were: 1. If the Economics was right then Development would occur; 2, Viewing countries as either Independent or Dependent. This is a false dichotomy in a Globalized world where all countries have Interdependent relations with others; and 3. The focus on quantitative vs qualitative measures of development.

Operationally the predominant approaches have been to “Do Development TO, FOR, or WITH Countries,” or more recently to Empower Countries DO THEIR OWN Development. This Paper focuses on Different Development Models and introduces an Alternative Model which addresses the three premises above. The primary focus of Development as enshrined in the World Bank's Mission: to Fight Poverty with Passion & Professionalism for lasting results, this Alternative Model focuses on Poverty, on Wealth, and finally Equity as key to sustainable development.