The Roles of Social Capital and Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Myanmar’s Private Banks


  • Nang Siri
  • Tippawan Lorsuwannarat


Social capital, knowledge sharing intention, knowledge sharing behavior


This research discloses the roles of social capital, knowledge sharing intentions, and knowledge sharing behavior in the context of Myanmar’s private banking sector. Two hundred and seventy five questionnaires were collected from mid-management level employees in the private banking sector using a survey technique. To estimate the proposed research model, structural equation modelling (SEM) was applied. The results, firstly highlight that social capital significantly influences knowledge sharing intentions, and secondly, that knowledge sharing intentions partially mediate the path from social capital and knowledge sharing behavior. This confirms the importance of socially-related factors regarding the motivation and behavior aspects of knowledge sharing between individuals. The findings enable organizations in Myanmar to appreciate the sharing behavior between employees, regarding knowledge. With respect to the practical implications, this study could offer useful insights into how organizations can design and implement effective practices to enhance knowledge sharing behavior in their organization, via effective stimulation of motivation. In this way, organizations can attain sustainable development of human capital and gain a competitive advantage.