A Study on Competencies for Managing Workforce Diversity: Evidences from Multi-National Enterprises in Switzerland


  • Claus Schreier
  • Nuntana Udomkit
  • Romina Capone


Workforce Diversity, Management Competencies, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Leadership, Actional/Business management and Diversity management competencies, Swiss context


Managing diverse teams has become an important issue in the globalized business world. This study aimed to explore management competencies that facilitate the performance of diverse teams. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with eight managers and eight team members leading or working in a diverse team in Switzerland. The results confirmed the five competencies managers need to possess in order to manage diversity effectively, namely Intrapersonal Competence, Interpersonal Management Competence, Leadership Competence, Actional/Business Management Competence, and Diversity Management Competence. The analysis highlighted some unique requirements that stand out in the Swiss Context. Some gaps of competencies that managers think are important and what team members think or expect from their managers were observed and underlined.