Cultures as Determinants of Innovation - An Evidence from European Context


  • Andre Habisch Habisch
  • Bing Zhu


Culture, Innovation, Hofstede´s theory


Cultural studies have played a major role for a better understanding of innovation. In particular, cultural variables have always been integrated in innovation studies at different levels. Referring to Hofstede´s alytical framework, we thereby analyze how different cultural factors may concretely impact innovation at national levels. Data of Hofstede´s cultural dimension and innovation are derived from secondary data sources. 34 European countries with comprehensive scores of cultural dimensions and innovation indexes are finally applied in this study. The data are analysed through correlation test and multiple regression analysis. The correlation test
highlighted the importance of low power distance, individualism and low uncertainty avoidance, and the multiple regression analysis revealed the importance of power distance and long-term orientation that foster innovation in Europe. Finally, limitations of the proposed theoretical
architecture are discussed and potential consequences for further research are formulated.