A Structural Equation Model of Factors Influencing Thai Digital Music Piracy: A Conceptual Perspective


  • Pannawit Sanitnarathorn


attitudes, music business, music piracy, perceived benefits, perceived risk, SEM


This study presents a conceptual framework, using structural equation modeling, of the variables that influence Thai digital music piracy. From both the 1997 and 2008 economic turmoil to the technological leaps from cassettes, to CDs, to the Internet and the related peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing technologies, the Thai music industry has and continues to witness tumultuous times.  More recently, broadband and Internet enabled smart phones have exacerbated the issues swirling around digital music piracy and the loss of revenue to both the music label houses and their artists. This study is therefore focused on the variables that contribute to factors influencing piracy. Music labels and artists need to understand the motives that cause users willingness to embrace illegal downloading and develop methods and markets to counter this act which is making business unsustainable.