A Business Model Development for a Professional Women’s Volleyball League in Thailand


  • Chai Nimakorn
  • Supitr Samahito
  • Issadee Kutintara


Professional, Business Model, Thai Women’s Volleyball League


This study was to find out a suitable business model for a Professional Women’s Volleyball League in Thailand. The samples analyzed were composed of representatives from the Sports Authority of Thailand, executives from the Thailand Volleyball Association, executives of the Thailand Volleyball League, and executives from several volleyball clubs, as well as, representatives from different branches of the media, sponsors, sports personnel; including, coaches, players, referees, team staff members, organizing committee staff members. Purposive sampling was used. The results found that the national women’s volleyball players have high performance. They were good enough to become professional players. Other data has shown the strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats of the league management, as well as the success factors in administration and management which reflect the lack of a professional business operations plan for a professional women’s volleyball league. Recommendations are given to lead to proper business model which will eventually improve volleyball at both the professional level and the national volleyball team of Thailand in the future.