ANNOUNCEMENT No.1 For Authors and Researchers



For Authors and Researchers

In response to numerous queries and requests, we are pleased to announce that:

Vol. 43 No. 4 Oct-Dec 2023 will be a SPECIAL ISSUE.

This special issue is very worthy of the title SPECIAL in several ways:

  1. Content wise, besides BUSINESS, we are opening up the issue to accept content from EDUCATION, LANGUAGE & LITERATURE studies, which would not be included in our regular issues.
  2. Methodology wise, we are welcoming, but have not limited research to, articles using Structural Equation Modelling or its application (see Call for Papers in ANNOUNCEMENT No.2)
  3. We are working cooperatively with highly competent guest editors to carefully screen and review the manuscripts, in order to ensure a high-quality publication.

For any queries or requests for further information, please contact us via email, at: