Digital Leadership for High School Classroom Management


  • Kim Kyo Mook


We are living in an ever-increasing digitalized and computerized world. Every field of our society is affected by this kind of change. For example, financial systems, factory systems and government systems, and most of our social systems are balancing by keeping step with this digital movement. Educational systems are struggling with this digital movement. In every classroom, teachers are embarrassed with new cultural conflicts with students, and they have no ideas about how to use digital tools and software. This research was done to improve classroom management. The research is especially focused on the high school classroom, because youth aged 13-18 are well adapted to digital culture and tools. Any curriculum or teaching method should be matched with the learner’s concern and needs. Otherwise, teachers will have a problem with teaching and discipline in the classroom.

Author Biography

Kim Kyo Mook

Graduate School of Education, Assumption University of Thailand


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