Developmnent of a Model to Enhance Effective Change Management In Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study In Can Tho University, Vietnam


  • Thai Cong Dan


Change Management, Educational Administration, Effectiveness and Higher Education


Change management (management of change), is known to be a significant model based on theories and practices from educational experts, educators, professors, school administrators and even scientists. Like other higher education institutions in Vietnam, Can Tho University (CTU) is a change management type organization. Its educational decentralization from the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training has allowed step-by-step management of change implementation but is not yet effective. And it is likely that CTU organizational change with participation of change agents really may need new ingredients. In this research a model is proposed to enhance the effectiveness of change management in a higher education institution, particularly in CTU, Can Tho City, South Vietnam: Where the change process has been implemented for about 10 years. This is in the context of wider change following on 30 years after the Vietnam War conclusion in 1975. Thus, the paper aims (1) to construct a hypothetical model for enhancing effective change management in universities, (2) to verify the model for enhancing effective change management in universities, and (3) to propose the model towards the effectiveness of change management in CTU, Vietnam. The findings of this paper utilized a mixed method (qualitative and quantitative) - through documents, email discussions, self-made questionnaires, structured interviews, and observations from the international experts (5 from Thailand, 5 from Asia and 5 from Europe and North America), CTU administrators (70), teachers (70), office staff (30) and students (30). The evaluation of the applicability of the model was judged by experts using a focus group of 11 members from CTU, Vietnam. In addition, there were descriptive reports and data collection that were analyzed using descriptive statistics, mean and standard deviation tools. The concepts brought forth and feasibility of this study could bring those interested in change management to have a better understanding regarding change management theories: Especially models implemented in higher education institutions around the world including CTU regarding ways of practicing change management. Moreover, it would be a useful reference for educational administrators and a strong impetus for researchers to engage in a comparative study among levels of education beyond ones borders in the regionally and globally sensitized educational environment.

Author Biography

Thai Cong Dan

Can Tho University, Vietnam Doctoral Candidate, Naresuan University, Thailand