A Study On Improving Intercultural Communicative Competence Of Chinese Students In Thailand


  • Yu Cheng Ph.D Candidate in Management, International College, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand


Intercultural communicative competence, intercultural adaptation, Chinese students, Thailand


Thailand has always been China’s very friendly partner. Since Thailand is
located in the center of Southeast Asia, it is geographically close to China. The education cost in Thailand is considered low for Chinese families. The open policy of Thai government brings more opportunities to Thailand. Thailand has advantages in offering business opportunities, including international educational business. Due to the differences in language, cultural background, academic pressure, and climate, it is inevitable for Chinese students to encounter difficulties in Thailand. In order to assist Chinese students to meet their academic goals, and to serve the society and the community during their stay in Thailand, this research is designed to examine the composition of intercultural communicative competence and relationships between each components, clarify the main factors that affect intercultural communicative competence of Chinese students in Thailand, and build a model to improve intercultural communicative competence of Chinese students in Thailand.




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