Chinese Language Learning Strategies for Thai Undergraduate Students at Higher Education Institution, Thailand


  • Aeksing Weerasawainon Lecturer, Chinese Section Humanities and Language Division, Mahidol University International College, Mahidol University, Thailand


Chinese learning strategies, Thai undergraduate students, Thailand Higher Education Institution


This study investigated Chinese language learning strategies of Thai undergraduate students’ by means of a designed questionnaire at a higher education institution of Thailand during the academic year of 2017. Questionnaire of Chinese language learning strategies developed by pervious researcher were distributed to 206 Thai undergraduate students, and they were required to report to what degree they used each strategy in their learning together with their demographic information. The collected data was analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test and one-way ANONA. Accordingly, the study reported the demographic information of the respondents, including their gender, age and study level ; revealed the four categories of Chinese language learning strategies that those Thai students used “frequently” in their learning, including learning Chinese by media, by communication, self-learning and class
learning ; and also found that female students used the Chinese language learning strategies more than the male students ; the intermediate level students used more strategies than those pre-intermediate level students.