A Study of Teacher Utilization of Smart board at Pan-Asia International School Bangkok


  • Qun Chen


Smartboard, Pan-Asia International School Bangkok


The current study was carried out how smartboard can motivate the students to learn more effectively and how smartboard has been used in each subject. Smartboard is an expensive teaching facility. To have it in the school, the teachers should have enough ability to use it and use it properly. Smartboard is a new technology especially in education, not only the teachers are facing to the new technical problems, the students also face to the challenge of new technology. The quantitative research approach was employed by means of a survey questionnaire. Data obtained from 67 teachers were statistically analyzed in order to identify the frequency of smartboard used at Pan-Asia International School and at the same time, to examine gender and grade levels differences in teachers’ utilization to use smartboard. The result of data analysis revealed the following: (a) every subject teacher use smartboard to teach at Pan-Asia International School, almost 4 to 10 hours per week; (b) there is no difference in teachers’ ability to use smartboard regarding teachers’ gender at Pan-Asia International School Bangkok; (c) there is no significant difference in teachers’ ability to use smartboard regarding the grade levels of teaching at Pan-Asia International School Bangkok. 

Author Biography

Qun Chen

Master Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate School of Education, Assumption University, Thailand