Student Attrition Intent: Basis for Comprehensive Student Retention Program Development


  • Jeanylyn Embradura Marcojos


Student Attrition Intent, Bilingual Schools, Retention Program


The purpose of this descriptive study was to determine the level of student attrition intent in the selected bilingual schools in Pathumthani Province, Thailand and become the basis for a possible school retention program. Topics addressed in this study include the different factors that may cause student attrition intent. These factors are classified into academic, motivational, psychosocial, and financial when analyzed by the respondents‘ gender, educational attainment, and economic status. Results of the study showed that in relation to economic status of the respondents, there is a significant difference in the motivational factors and psychosocial factors. On the other hand, there are no significant differences in the academic and financial factors. In relation to the educational attainment of the respondents, only the financial factor had a significant difference while the other factors had none. Lastly, in relation to the respondents‘ gender, none of the factors appeared to have a significant difference. Based on the foregoing findings, the following conclusions were drawn: Gender is not a factor in determining the level of student attrition intent. Motivational and psychosocial factors have significant differences when analyzed by economic status. Financial factors have a significant difference when analyzed by educational attainment. The following recommendations were offered: Implementation of the different comprehensive student retention programs that will improve the student academically and psychosocially. The schools should see to it that there would be equal treatments among students whether they come from a less fortunate family or from a rich family and replication of this study, using indicators not covered is highly recommended to the researchers to investigate further the factors influencing student attrition intent.

Author Biography

Jeanylyn Embradura Marcojos

Lecturer, St. Theresa International College, Thailand


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