The Development of a Competency Development System of Basic Education Institution Principals


  • Tuanjai Donprasit


Competency Development Strategies, Preparation, Pre-assessment, Development Procedure, Post-assessment, Productivity Factors


The purpose of this research was to study the development of a competency development system of basic education institution principals using a descriptive research method. The idea behind this research included the concept of the system, the system development concept, and the competency development concept. The collected data evolved around status, problems and conditions that a competency development system should entail. Data was collected by interviewing people involved with system development and using questionnaires asking for basic education institution principals‘ opinions. The result was used to design a new system. The new system was reviewed by experts and such data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics, measuring frequencies, mean, percentage, and standard deviation.

According to the study, it can be concluded that the competency development system for basic education institution principals consists of five components, which are:

  1. Internal factors, which are as follows; competency development strategies, personnel purposes involved in the development and the budget used in the development.
  2. Procedural factors are as follows: preparation, pre-assessment, development procedure and post-assessment.
  3. Productivity factors which are as follows; report of the development.
  4. Data input factors which are as follows; analysis of the development. 
  5. Environmental surroundings relating to development factors, as follows: economics, technological, social and political.

The system development examined result by the experts has shown that the average value was 4.16 and the standard deviation was 0.37

Author Biography

Tuanjai Donprasit

Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Administration, Department of Educational Policy, Management and Leadership, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


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