Teaching in the 21st Century- Skills and Knowledge


  • Ashish Mathur


Knowledge, Commitment, Innovation, Change


Universities are learning human systems. Knowledge and intellectual capital represent our national wealth. For a university to build knowledge architecture, it has to firstly build and manage the inventory of people, systems and decisions. Knowledge technologies must be incorporated to reengineer the entire business process. The reorientation of skills and resources is necessary to create better combinations of inorganic growth of the university. In today‘s era, we need universities where students have ingrained commitment to improve their capacity to create and innovate ideas respond to uncertainty, to challenges in the market place and to adjust to the change in general. The universities, as a group of people have to continuously enhance their capacity to design what they want to create. The paper builds an insight to create university learning system that has an ingrained philosophy for anticipating reacting and responding to change complexity and uncertainty.

Author Biography

Ashish Mathur

Faculty Department of Management Studies, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur, India


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