Environmental Awareness among Secondary Students in Selected Thai and Bilingual Schools in Bangkok, Thailand: Implementation and Integration of Environmental Education Issues

Charlou T. Asares


The study aimed to assess the environmental awareness level of higher secondary students in selected Thai and Bilingual Programs in both Public and Private Schools in Bangkok to address the extent of the integration of environmental education into the curriculum using the 30-item Children Environmental Attitude and Knowledge Scale (CHEAKS). There were 7002 participants of the survey. Results showed a weak correlation between students‘ perceived academic achievement and environmental awareness with r = 0.157. The total mean score of environmental awareness is 14.48 with SD = 5.206. It revealed that students are most aware toward 'Animal' issues and least aware toward 'Water'. It showed that Thai Program Schools have higher awareness than Bilingual Program; likewise, Private Schools have higher environmental awareness than Public Schools. Female has higher awareness level over the male. Environmental awareness level varies significantly (favorably) as students accelerate their grade level. Comparison of environmental awareness as a function of type of school, grade level and gender revealed significant differences, thus, hypothesis was rejected.


Environmental Awareness Level; Thai and Bilingual Programs; Public and Private Schools; Children Environmental Attitude and Knowledge Scale

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