Development of a Knowledge Transmission Process Model for Enhancing Sufficient and Sustainable Self-reliance for Thai Wisdom Teachers


  • Wanlapa Lekwattananon


Knowledge Transmission Process Model, Sufficient and Sustainable Self-reliance, Thai Wisdom Teachers


This research was aimed at analyzing the process in transmitting the knowledge of Thai wisdom teachers and developing a model of the knowledge transmission for them, which leads to sufficient and sustainable self-reliance, including the making of recommendations on policy to enhance the knowledge transmission process for the Thai wisdom teachers and their related network by adapting the qualitative research method in obtaining the data. The research methodology comprises three stages 1) documentary study; 2) field research; and 3) development of a model for the transmission of knowledge.

Author Biography

Wanlapa Lekwattananon

Ph.D. Candidate in Non-formal Education, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand