The Study of Factors Affecting The Effectiveness of Higher Education Institutions under The Ministry of Culture in Dramatic Arts, Music, and Fine Arts

Jintana Saitongkum


This research aims to study factors affecting the effectiveness of higher education institutions under the Ministry of Culture in dramatic arts, music, and fine arts. The sample group consists of 316 executives and lecturers from 18 institutions nationwide. The data collected has been analyzed twice by factor analysis to confirm the result of each factor.

The research results can be summarized that, based on the priority, 9 factors affecting the effectiveness of those institutions are: 1) Characteristics and roles of leaders 2) Learning and development 3) Characteristics of graduates 4) Organizational structures and operations 5) Financial management 6) Capability and expertise of faculty 7) Environment within the premise of the institution 8) External environment and opportunities of the institution and 9) Characteristics of lecturers.


Dramatic Arts; Music; Fine Arts; Higher Education Institutions; the Ministry of Culture

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