A Professional Development Model for Teacher Leaders of Catholic Schools in Thailand


  • Monthol Prathumrach


Professional Development, Teacher Leaders, Catholic Schools in Thailand


The professional development model for teacher leaders of Catholic schools in Thailand is created for the higher quality of teacher and the higher academic achievement of student. Mixed-methodology is applied during the study which refers to content analysis, questionnaire, and interview. The study begins with the Catholic School System in Thailand exploring by using content analysis then identifies the current situation and the expectation situation of the professional development of Catholic schools in Thailand by using the questionnaire. Later, the professional development model is developed by using the results from previous methods of data collection and the application of transformational leadership theory. The focus group is called for evaluate and approve to the model proposing. The correction is made according to the comments and suggestions before the model is presented. Final outcome concerns as the five layers of the model which the two outer layers refer to the six factors with the detail namely: resource factor, individual development factor, teamwork factor, teacher training factor, working environment factor, and teaching and learning factor. While the three layers inside are connected with the two outer layers refers to the application of transformational leadership, the teacher leaders and the final outcome is students’ achievement. As of the study the model can apply to all Catholic schools in Thailand. The professional development model gives school administrators the opportunity to use professional development model in developing teacher leaders. The teacher leaders are going to helping students to have the higher academic achievement which support to the school goal.

Author Biography

Monthol Prathumrach

Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, Assumption University, Thailand