Message from the Editor


October 1, 2021

Dear Readers,

The Scholar: Human Sciences has been recognized in the Thailand Citation Index (TCI) under Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences since 2015.

This issue consists of twenty-eight articles from two major areas: Education and Counseling Psychology. There are twenty-one articles in the field of education, of which ten articles are from the study in curriculum and instruction, eleven articles from the study in educational administration and three articles specifically from the study in educational leadership. While there are seven articles in the field of counseling psychology.

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I am very thankful to all the authors for their contributions, the editorial board members, the entire editorial team, and our peer reviewers for their time-consuming effort.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwattana Eamoraphan

Editor-in Chief, Scholar

Dean, Graduate School of Human Sciences

Assumption University of Thailand