Message from the Editor

June 9,2016

Dear Readers,

The Scholar aims to collect the intellectual and scholarly contributions of researchers as well as to inform, update, enhance and guide the real practices in the field of education, psychology, arts and humanities. The journal focuses on researches and academic articles from a variety of backgrounds in these fields from within the South East Asian region and beyond.

The Scholar is seven years already and has matured over the years. It is my pleasure to inform how it's grown over time.

In the year 2015, Scholar was recognized in the Thailand Citation Index (TCI) under Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tier 1. In year 2016, it has been approved by the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI). The ACI is recognized among all eleven ASEAN member countries. Therefore, we hope to grow further and expect to receive researches and academic articles from the ASEAN region.

I am very thankful to all the authors for their contributions, and all the advisors for their support, our peer reviewers, editorial board members and entire editorial team.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwattana Eamoraphan
Editor-in Chief, Scholar
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Assumption University of Thailand