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S. Aguas, Jove Jim
S. David, Luis, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
S. Drummond, Michael, Michael S. Drummond is an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Researcher in Pali Buddhist Studies and Psychology at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. He can be reached at:
S. Kahambing, Jan Gresil, Leyte Normal University, Philippines
S. Suazo, Ruby
Sabur, Mohammad Abdus
Saccone, Giuseppe Mario, ramkamhaeng university (Thailand)
Saccone, Giuseppe Mario, Assumption University of Thailand (Thailand)
Saccone, Giuseppe Mario
Sakyabhinand, Widya
Saniotis, Arthur
Saniotis, Arthur, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Saniotis, Arthur, Arthur Saniotis is a Visiting Research Fellow in Anthropology, School of Social Sciences, University of Adelaide. He can be reached at:
Santos, Barbara Batista, Barbara Batista Santos, is a teacher of Thai traditional massage and is finishing her M.A. at Assumption University of Thailand.
Sarkar, Hiren, Hiren Sarkar was Independent Development Consultant, Former Chief of Section, Development Policy Section, United Nations (UNESCAP), Bangkok. Currently associated with Centre for the Study in Religion and Society, Jadavpur University India and College
Satha-Anand, Suwanna
Saw San Win, Matthias, Assumption University, Thailand
Sayadmansour, Alireza
Scupin, Raymond
Seran, Alexander
Seran, Alexander, Alexander Seran teaches at Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta. He can be reached at:
Setthamalinee, Suchart
Sevilla, H├ęctor, University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
Shen, Meilee
Sia, Santiago, Milltown Institute, Dublin

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