The Roleless Role of Man


  • Anders Kølle Anders Kølle, is a lecturer in aesthetics. He was a visiting professor at Assumption University of Thailand in 2016 to 2017.


In a world increasingly governed by data-analytics and algorithms and with the continued development and sophistication of machine-to-machine technologies and communication, the very significance of human labor and human praxis is today being questioned and tested in radically new ways. Decentered and displaced from his previous position as the main gatherer and interpreter of information, man´s hitherto exclusive role in the monitoring and administration of his environment is emphatically challenged by automation and ubiquitous computation. While these technological developments undoubtedly provide still greater precision and efficiency, they also prompt a series of less instrumental and more existential questions: What happens to human self-perception and self-valorization as machines take over the channels of communication? Where does man situate himself in an environment increasingly beyond his grasp and outside his possibilities of apprehension? On the threshold to tomorrow´s big data-land these are among the questions that arise with still greater pertinence and urgency.