On the Nostra Aetate: a Landmark Document of the Catholic Church’s Engagement with other Religions

Batairwa K. Paulin


50 years ago (Dec 8, 1965), at the conclusion of Vatican II, the greatest event marking the life of the Church in the 20th Century, the Roman Catholic Church issued “Nostra Aetate.” The declaration has been a landmark for the Church’s
relation and appraisal of other religions. It acknowledged the central role religions play in the history of humanity. Humanity has henceforth, been identified as the concrete platform calling for interactions and cross-fertilization among religions. Religions are to be more united in what they are best at: striving for answers to the existential riddles and sufferings of human persons. For those on the path of dialogue, the 50th anniversary of NA is an opportune occasion to acknowledge shared concerns and learn how respective efforts of religious groups pave the road to more cooperation and mutual enrichment.

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