Philosophy Centered on Nothingness: The Kyoto School, Heidegger, and other Nihilistic Philosophies

Héctor Sevilla


In this study, the existing link between Heidegger’s philosophy and the main representatives of Kyoto’s school will be demonstrated. For it, a brief synthesis of Nishida and Tanabe’s philosophy will be presented; in their conceptions about Nothingness, whether as something absolute or dynamic that allows the movement of everything else, a first matrix can be observed of what for Heidegger represents nothingness: the source of all philosophical approaches; a something which, upon being, ceases to be or loses its being. The article ends with the reference to three consequences of this contemporary nihilistic approach: the one which sustains the need for a return to faith in order to avoid the abysm of nothingness, proposed in Unamuno; the one which implies a denial of all hope and the openness to the no-sense, implicit in Bataille, Cioran, Camus, and Caraco; just as the one which bases a hope of reconstruction on Nihilism, according to Vattimo.


Nothingness; Nihilism; Being; Absolute; Kioto.

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