A Leadership Framework for Change for Thai Catholic Educators

Rev. Bro. Dr. Phiranant Numkanisorn


The purpose of this paper is to provide a Leadership Framework for Thai Catholic educators. This study has been developed on the basis of significant concern for the Church as it faces contemporary challenges in the form of subjectivism, moral relativism and nihilism. The Church needs to respond to these contemporary challenges in a manner that is relevant and effective. The Church calls for Catholic educators to develop and implement new content, new capabilities, and new educative models as an integral part of contemporary Catholic education. The proposed framework comprises four components: relevant types of leadership, vision, values congruence, and school culture. All four said components are complementary and integrated; they 'work together' to develop and maintain Catholic
schools as authentic educational communities.

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ISSN (Print): 1513-6442
ISSN (Online): 2586-9876

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