Political Parties in Liberal Democratic Countries


  • ดร. พูนศักดิ์ ไวสํารวจ


The Democratic development in Europe is linked to the concepts of political pluralism, freedom of the election by the eligible voters in an open environment of political competition and by recognizing the legitimacy of political parties.

Initially the evolution of political parties followed the normal political path. However, it has caused certain problems and from the second half of the 20th century onward, more regulations with regard to the electoral campaigns were enacted. Particularly, the rules and regulations that concern with the financial contribution of the electoral campaign and to the political parties, which included regulations on the use of media, political publicity, especially on the question of financial transparency.

These measures aim to bring more justice and ethical aspects to the political competition in the election including persons who hold public postitons.

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ดร. พูนศักดิ์ ไวสํารวจ

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