Chinese Medical College Students’ English Vocabulary Learning Difficulties, Attitudes and Preferences towards the Use of Mobile Application for Vocabulary Learning


  • Yawen Luo


English language teaching and learning have undergone a lot of changes in the past decades. Among these changes is the use of mobile application in learning, a new learning method where users use mobile platforms to learn.

The purpose of this study is to identify Chinese medical college students’ vocabulary learning difficulties, as well as, to determine their attitudes and preferences on the use of mobile application in English learning vocabulary. The study used quantitative research design using descriptive statistics to analyze the data and report the result of the study. There were 282 Chinese medical college students who participated in this study in which a questionnaire survey was used to collect data.

The findings indicated that Chinese medical college students have faced difficulties in English vocabulary learning, such as, spelling, pronunciation, word meaning and word usage. In terms of attitude, the results found that students have had favorable attitudes toward the use of mobile application in terms of its benefit in reading, listening and writing. However, in terms of speaking students tended to have different opinions on whether mobile applications are beneficial for developing their speaking. 

However, incorporating, textbooks and mobile technology in vocabulary teaching and learning, might be a good way to help students in building their English language ability to become competent learners.

Author Biography

Yawen Luo

Pu’er Medical School 

Pu’er City, Yunnan China