Extraction and Characterization of Soybean Oil Based Bio-Lubricant

Francis Uchenna Ozioko


Renewable oils are now acknowledged as having the potential to provide the major part of the lubrication provisions of the future. This work is on the possibility of producing bio-lubricant with soybean seeds as a case study. Solvent extraction process using normal hexane was used. Proximate properties such as moisture, volatile matter, ash, fixed carbon content and physical properties such as viscosity, flash/fire point, pour point and density were analyzed. The percentages of the moisture, volatile matter, ash, and fixed carbon content in the soybean seed are 7.95, 72.27, 6.08 and 13.70%. The flash/fire points of the crude soybean is 310°C/320°C, while the pour point value is -7°C. Conversely, the flash/fire points of the heavy duty oil (SAE 40) and light duty oil (SAE 30) are 260°C/300°C and 243°C/290°C, respectively, with corresponding pour points of 9°C and 21°C. It was discovered that the crude soybean oil sample exhibits a good base as a bio-lubricant.


Renewable oil; flash point; fire point; pour point; density; viscosity

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