Factors Affecting Customer SatisFection and Trust in an E-commerce setting: a Case Study of Muachung.vn in Vietnam.

Hang Thi Nguyen


This paper focuses on identifying some the factors affecting customer satisfaction and trust in an e-commerce setting (one specific company) among Vietnamese customers. It examines various stimuli, namely, value factors as expressed in terms of product offer and price and service quality dimensions, including ease of use, website design (e-scape), responsiveness, customization, and assurance. A total of 407 sets of electronic questionnaires were collected and the data analyzed using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient to test the four hypotheses developed in this study. The results show that of the three demographic factors considered (gender, age, and education level), the latter is a statistically significant factor affecting customers’ satisfaction and trust toward an online company. Value in terms of product offer and price and the service quality dimensions in terms of ease of use, website design, responsiveness, customization and assurance have positive relationships with customer satisfaction and trust.


E-commerce; customer satisfaction; trust; Vietnamese customers; SERQUAL theories

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