The Impact of Customer-Based Brand Equity on Revisit Intentions: An Empirical Study of Business and Leisure Travelers at Five Shanghai Budget Hotels

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Yaqian Zhou


The purpose of this study is to explore how, from a customers’ point of view, brand equity influences budget hotel revisit intentions. The research is based on a convenience sample of 400 respondents who had stayed at top-5 budget hotels in Shanghai, China, from July 10 to July 20, 2010. The results show that, in sequence of degree of significance, brand loyalty, brand awareness/brand association and perceived quality as brand equity sub-dimensions have positive relationships with perceived value and revisit intentions. Additionally perceived value plays an increasingly important role in budget hotel revisit intentions. It was also discovered that the effect of brand loyalty on revisit intention is greater for business travelers than for leisure ones. There is also no difference between business and leisure travelers in terms of their respective impact on brand awareness/brand association, perceived quality, and perceived value on revisit intentions.

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Yaqian Zhou

Yaqian Zhou recently graduated from Assumption University, Tourism Management, Graduate School of Business. This research was conducted under the supervision of Dr. John Barnes, Director of Tourism Management.