Extranet or the Too-little-known Linchpin of Globalization

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Thierry de Gorguette d’Argoeuves


Little known outside of Intranet, the Extranet has grown from a simple entry point into a virtual territory where organizations collaborate, trade, handle exclusively their business partners, and ensure that any confidential content remain private. Since the Extranet has eliminated distance and time, it has become one major instrument of globalization, making most of its definitions obsolete in view of the strategic management roles it plays nowadays. onsidering the main strategic platforms supported by Extranet, be it e-commerce, collaboration, protection of intangible assets and value constellations, this article suggests that a more accurate definition of Extranet be used; one that reflects the fact that over the past decade it has carved its own identity and its own role - well differentiated from the Intranet. An adaptation of Frohlich and Westbrook’s (2001) theoretical framework “Arcs of Integration” is then suggested as further quantitative analysis of the measurement of the impact of the Extranet on a company’s performance.


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Thierry de Gorguette d’Argoeuves

Thierry de Gorguette d’Argoeuves lectures at Assumption University, Graduate School of Business. He is also the President of the International Association of Business Communicators. (IABC) Thai Chapter