Siriwan Kitcharoen


As times are changing. Technology integration becomes challenging and also progressively harder to replace. This bring changes to teachers’ instructional roles in the classroom. Rather than using technology for its sake, the university can develop a vision of how technology can improve teaching and learning. eLearning can be used to promote the professional development opportunities, it is offering possibilities of convenience, accessibility, and personalization. With technology becoming more affordable, it’s really no surprise that eLearning becomes comparative and competitive tool. The objective of this research is to implement teaching and learning process with the purpose to understand how LMS (Learning Management System) supports leaning process. The research is comprised of 2 phases. The first phase of the research involved a qualitative study by searching some related documentary data to the study. The second phase of research, a quantitative method was undertaken; three hundred and seventy-five questionnaires were distributed to respondents. The results from the qualitative survey suggested that the university should put more focus on the needs of users and thereby improve user satisfaction and the findings from a quantitative method point out the strong relationship between management information system (MIS) quality towards user satisfaction as well as perceived importance of the IT attributes of IT applications provided by the university. Furthermore, the results also contribute to our knowledge by providing support the contention that user satisfaction depends on LMS quality that means the quality of management information system has an influence on user satisfaction. A user who has perceived better LMS quality is more satisfied with IT applications provided by his or her institution.


User Satisfaction; eLearning; Learning Management System; LMS; Management Information System; MIS; IT Application; Education; Information System; Information Technology

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